Darius Mayfield

Darius Mayfield (@darius4america) 4/12/21

DARIUS MAYFIELD FOR AMERICA CONGRESS NJ-12 DARIUS MAYFIELD SEEKING FIRST TERM, IS COMMITTED TO UNITY, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, AND SCHOOL CHOICE “Not Black. Not White. American,” Darius said, “We are all Americans at the end of the day and the racial division and angst the media speaks of so often, is not indicative of how I grew up in this great country. We need regular people to start running for office to reflect the reality on the ground. Not the lobbyist with the best connections or the party-controlled lawyer that “talks the talk and walks the walk” just like the Party tells them to. We no longer need you to have the biggest black book to be our leader, we need you to have the biggest heart.”

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