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S02E19 Amanda Makki

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Posted in Health & Wellness Kami Medical Professional

S02E18 Kami (1/28/22)

Kami is a courageous medical professional who speaks out against the mainstream narrative.

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Posted in Cancer Kris Sokolowski Travel

S02E17 Kris Sokolowski (1/28/22)

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Posted in Activist Human Trafficking Vita G

S02E16 Vita G (1/26/22)

Vita G is a patriot and freedom fighter who uses her platform for human trafficking awareness.

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S02E15 Aja Bella (1/18/22)

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Posted in J6 Micajah Jackson The JFK Report

S02E14 The JFK Report (1/17/22)

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Posted in Activist COVID19 Ethan Schmidt

S02E13 Ethan Schmidt (1/16/22)

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S02E12 Mitch Lozada (1/11/22)

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Posted in Justice Kristan T Harris Politics

S02E11 Kristan T Harris (12/30/21)

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S02E10 Clay Clark (12/28/21)

Check out Clay Clark’s Reawaken America Tour:

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Posted in Liberal Politics Will The Liberal

S02E09 Will The Liberal (12/17/21)

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Lauren St. James
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Posted in Australia Lauren St. James Quarantine Camp

S02E08 Lauren St. James (12/6/21)

Lauren St. James is a dual UK/Australian citizen who spent 2 weeks in one of Australia’s quarantine…

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Posted in Activist Cara Castronuova Health & Wellness

S02E07 Cara Castronuova (10/30/21)

Cara Castronuova (born February 6, 1980) is an American champion boxer, a professional sports announcer, political activist and celebrity…

Elias Castilla
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Posted in College Student Elias Castilla

S02E06 Elias Castilla (10/28/21)

Elias Castilla is a college student in Southern Florida who we met while filming our “Let’s Go…

Mr. Holistic
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Posted in Content Creator Health & Wellness Mr. Holistic

S02E05 Mr. Holistic (10/27/21)

Mr. Holistic was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas where he found his first passion in…

Tony Moon
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Posted in Activist Politics Tony Moon

S02E04 Tony Moon “Rooftop Korean” (10/27/21)

Tony Moon is a political activist who was one of the original “Rooftop Koreans” during the LA…