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Angel Quiroz
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S02E02 Angel Quiroz (10/26/21)

Angel Quiroz is a Christian Conservative that hosts a podcast on YouTube.

Kim St.Onge
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S02E01 Kim St. Onge (10/23/21)

Kim St. Onge, TV broadcaster, was fired due to her vaccination status. You can follow her on…

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The T&A Show Is Now A Podcast!

We are thrilled to announce that The T&A Show is now available on Apple Podcasts and on…

Bill Pepitone
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S01E09 Bill Pepitone 4/27/21

Bill Pepitone was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, in a family of public servants. His…

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S01E08 Talia Likeitis 4/22/21

Welcome to The T&A Show episode 8 with guest @Talia_LikeItIs. Due to big tech censorship, we couldn’t…

Gina Veritas
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S01E07 Gina Huaylinos 4/17/21

Political Corruption, Odebrecht and its Impact on The World. Election Integrity Activist Gina Granda Huaylinos joins T&A…

Billy Prempeh
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S01E06 Billy Prempeh 4/16/21

Billy Prempeh – NJ 9th Congressional District Candidate –‚Äč  “I love the United States of America with…

Phil Anderson
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S01E05 Philip Anderson 4/14/21

Known as the King of Free Speech, Philip Anderson had his teeth knocked out for free speech….

Darius Mayfield
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S01E04 Darius Mayfield 4/12/21


Kataluna Enriquez
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S01E03 Kataluna Enriquez 4/10/21

Kataluna Enriquez made history in Nevada when she was crowned Miss Silver State USA, the first transgender…

Jenny Hart
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S01E02 Jenny Hart 4/7/21

Jenny is a senior matchmaker with NYCity Matchmaking, New Jersey Matchmaking, and Jewish Match NYC. If you are single, live…

Danielle Rae
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S01E01 Danielle Rae 4/6/21

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